Batman Arkham City made revenue

This the reason Why Bruce Wayne is a billionaire:

Arkham City has always been a seller, the result of the best Batman game ever made (some people can still say the best), but now we have a clear idea of ​​how good it is. In February 2012, GameSpot reported that Arkham City had sent six million copies in the four months since its release, but thanks to Twitter slate @ Bogurad222, we have some more detailed statistics.

Looking at Warner Bruce’s LinkedIn profile. Arkham City’s global franchise marketing manager, he drew on the fact that in his first year alone, Arkham City sold 12.5 million copies. Another note states that it has raised more than $ 600 million. Which is too much? If you’re wondering if we’ll ever get another Batman game, such a number would give us a “yes”.

They also gathered information on other high-selling sports, including the fact that the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy improved its sales targets by 150% in the first month of its release. And that Ryse: Son of Room managed to sell 1.3 million copies.

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