Top 5 Best Gaming CPU's 2020

Top 5 Best Gaming CPU’s 2020

Top 5 Best Gaming CPU's 2020

CPU is not just known as the Central Processing Unit rather it plays an important role in your gaming. Most people prioritize it as the second important part of PC because of GPU. While the best graphics card will always be the center and highlight the construction of most gaming PCs. This makes sense that the GPU is responsible for resolution, quality, frame rates of your PC games. However, opposite to many people’s optimism, the CPU plays a complex role in how well your computer plays games. Because CPU is responsible for your gaming speed, performance, PC performance, and other parts of the computer. Using the Best CPU alongside Best Graphics Card will improve your game performance.

Before you decide which CPU is best for your gaming machine. You need to focus on some things. Should you get AMD or Intel processors? What generation do you need? What is your upgrading path? It all depends on what you choose, you need to make sure your motherboard is compatible with your CPU. Whichever CPU generation you pick, if you want to fully upgrade then its chances that your old motherboard will not accept or compatible with your latest generation CPU.

SO, now let’s start talking about how to get the new processor. Because it is not that easy as you think. Picking up the best processor for your gaming PC is the quiet difficult part of building the gaming machine. Although you can categorize them by the number of cores and frequency, buying the most powerful will not be money. Finally, you need a processor that is powerful enough not to interrupt your GPU. Below we recommend several Gaming CPUs to help you find the sweet spot between power and price.

1. Intel Core i9 10900k:

Top 5 Best Gaming CPU's

  • Fastest Gaming Performance
  • Overclocking Potential

Cores: 10 | Threads: 20 | Base Clock: 3.7GHz | Turbo Clock: 5.3GHz | Overclocking: Yes, 5.0-5.3GHz| L3 Cache: 20MB | TDP: 95W | PCIe 3.0 lanes: 16|

Picking up the Intel Core i9 10900k for gaming PC then it is the best choice in best gaming processors. This CPU is all that you need for a perfect gaming PC. It is the world’s fastest CPU of this year. Maybe you don’t want this processor, but if you want to build up the best gaming PC then this will not be the chip that holding you back.

Its the first time that Intel introduces the Intel Core i9 10900k in which they able to wrap the 10 processing cores into its main steam line with hyper-threading. The Intel Core i9 10900k has a clock of 3.7 GHz that can be boosted up to 4.7 GHz. Moreover, it can dial up all cores to a 4.3 GHz for great speed in multithreading workloads. Gaming still benefits from fast clock speeds, and only Intel can outperform this fact.

For this amazing chip, you just need to invest in a Z490 motherboard to take the edge from this chip.

2. Intel Core i7 9700K:

Top 5 Best Gaming CPU's 2020

  • Best Gaming Performance
  • Eight high cores

Cores: 8 | Threads: 8 | Base Clock: 3.6GHz | Turbo Clock: 4.9GHz | Overclocking: Yes, 4.9-5.1GHz typical | L3 Cache: 12MB | TDP: 95W | PCIe 3.0 lanes: 16

Intel Core i7 9700K is one step down in the list of the best gaming CPUs OR processors. It supports the same cores and threads as in the Core i9 9900K. It has the same clock speed but for the first time, Intel has shipped the core i7 without Hyper-threading. This is in stark contrast to Intel’s recent Comet Lake Processors where it has enabled hyper-threading in the stack, even up to the i3 chips. In sports, the 9700K is effectively linked to the more expensive Core i9.

It is all about the balancing between price, performance, and features. Thanks to Intel Core i7 9700K which is faster than other processor and best in performance. Moreover, also thanks to its extra cores, threads and clock speed, but it has few threads as compared to others but it gives the best performance than others. Lack of Hyper-Threading means it doesn’t get hot as i9.

If you’re doing live streaming (with CPU encoding), editing video, or creating some other serious content, stepping up to 10900K or 3900X makes sense. But if you’re primarily into gaming, an 8-core Intel CPU close to 5GHz is as good as it gets right now.

3. AMD Ryzen 9 3900X:

Top 5 Best Gaming CPU's 2020

  • Fastest AMD CPU for gaming
  • Excellent for non-game use too
  • Decent cooler included

Cores: 12 | Threads: 24 | Base Clock: 3.8GHz | Boost Clock: 4.6GHz | Overclocking: Yes, though PBO is better | L3 Cache: 64MB | TDP: 105W | PCIe 4.0 lanes: 16|

If you count the AMD Ryzen in the list of the best gaming CPUs then it worths. AMD Ryzen 3rd generation processor provides its best in our gaming CPU test. Maybe AMD Ryzen9 3900 is the pure fastest gaming CPU but it is close enough to the settings and resolution the gamers use. And it is a powerful CPU outside the games. AMD Ryzen9 3900 cost the same as Intel Core i9 9900K, but it includes a Wraith Prism cooler and wraps 50 per cent extra cores and threads. It means that 8 per cent cores give the slower gaming performance, but 25 per cent of cores gives the fast performance in the multithreaded workload like video editing and 3D rendering.

If you are worried about the gaming, that shortage of 8 per cent cores is really evident at lower settings and resolution with the fastest GPU available (RTX 2080 Ti at 1080p Ultra). Maybe it matters if you are a professional gamer and your goal to play games at the minimum 240fps quality. But someone else would be thrilled with the performance provided by the 3900X. Although overclocking is possible, AMD shuts you off at clock speed, and this usually means fewer clocks in light workloads. Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO) can deliver high performance up to 200MHz while maintaining turbo ratio and is a better resolution of 3900X

At Last:

This is the best gaming CPU. Moreover, you can also go up to Ryzen93950X, which gives you 16 cores and 32 threads. However, it costs 50% more for a CPU, and you need to provide a cooler as well. 39, 3900X is more than enough for gaming purposes, and even most content creation tasks.

4. AMD Ryzen 7 3700X:

Top 5 Best Gaming CPU's 2020

Cores:  8 | Threads: 16 | Base Clock: 3.6GHz | Turbo Clock: 4.4GHz | Overclocking: Yes, 4.2-4.3GHz (PBO is better) | L3 Cache: 32MB | TDP: 65W | PCIe 4.0 lanes: 16|

  • Excellent multi-use CPU
  • Excellent value vs performance
  • Include good wraith prism cooler

Stepping on the price and basic count from the 3900X, the Ryzen 7 is almost as fast as the 3700X games and has all the other advantages of AMD’s Zen 2 architecture. This includes PCIe Gen4 support, which is not necessary today but may be useful in the years to come. It’s a sensible AMD choice, and for a little over $ 300, you still get an 8-core / 16-thread CPU with the Wraith Prism Cooler.

Compared to Intel’s i9700 9700K, it’s about 9 cents less in gaming performance – again, with an RTX 2080 tie at 1080 1080pp. If you buy a smart GPU like AMD’s RX 5700 XT, any difference in gaming performance would be mostly meaningless. Elsewhere, in multi-threaded applications, it’s about 18% faster, and overall it wins the matchup on both performance and price.

As a pure gaming CPU, the 3700X is good. Considering the whole package, this is one of the best purchases right now. Like the 3900X, overclocking clock speeds are relatively limited, and PBO is a better solution, but memory tuning can potentially make a significant difference.

5. Intel Core i5 9400F:

Top 5 Best Gaming CPU's 2020

|Cores: 6 | Threads: 6 | Base Clock: 2.9GHz | Turbo Clock: 4.1GHz | Overclocking: No | L3 Cache: 9MB | TDP: 65W | PCIe 3.0 lanes: 40|

  • Mid Range performance with affordable price
  • Included cooler in the box.

The Core i5 9400F is an interesting choice. It’s slightly faster than the previous Gene Core i5 8400 but completely knocks out Intel integrated graphics. This is not a problem for sports, although if you want to use Quick Sink, you are out of luck, Nvidia’s NVENC related to Turing is better anyway. Overall, it’s a great budget choice that doesn’t cost more than the Core i3 component.

There are other compromises, such as the locked multiplier – don’t go around too much. But you can save money and grab the H370 motherboard. At least you get a cooler in the box, something we want to see as an option with every CPU. Most boards will happily run at 949KF, even at 3.9GHz, so don’t worry about the low base watch.

While the i5 9400F may not be as fast as other CPUs in multi-threaded tests in our gaming suite, it is paired with AMD’s 3900X. Future games may begin to move beyond its 6 basic capabilities, but not before you are ready to upgrade. Right now, the i5 9400F is quite fast and extremely affordable.


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