Call Of Duty Warzone Truck

COD Warzone: Players get stuck in the truck and try to cheat each other:

What if you are playing the game in pro-level and stuck somewhere and there is no way to go out? What if you at the end of the level and you stuck in a truck? Imagine, if you imagine right now then your mind going to suck. The same case is done with me in Call Of Duty Warzone when I play the game I don’t know how I’m going in the truck and get stuck.

There was a contract of grace sitting behind the truck parked in front of the window of the apartment building. Did I crawl to pick it up, why not? It was there. So, I made a deal and quickly figured out why I shouldn’t have: It’s impossible to get out of this particular call of duty: Warzone truck.

After a few minutes of trouble with the truck, I pulled out my immovable assault rifle and skipped a few laps. In fact, an enemy answered my call and killed me. I happily watched as they got into the next truck.

“It’s a death truck.” The Reddit user responded to the victim of the same truck, Leglad said. “I saw someone in the squad get stuck in the last circle.”

The truck is parked in the Verdansk Graveyard outside the supermarket and is infamous in Call of Duty: Warzone. It usually carries cash, weapons, or a contract. You have to hunt to get low enough to enter, but the window and truck entrances are unequal, meaning you can’t jump out of the building or collide. Some call the truck a bug, cursing Infinity Ward for creating a location that cannot be escaped. It’s been happening for months. The Death Truck is Sucks!

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