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Far Cry 1 Free Download Torrent

Game Overview:

Far Cry 1 Free Download Torrent is a first-person shooter game and the publisher of this game is Ubisoft. Far Cry is a complete series. Whereas, Far Cry 1 is the first installment of the Far Cry series. You can free download the Far Cry PC game from this site. Crytek actually first developed this game. But, later Ubisoft bought the franchise of Far Cry and obtained the rights of this game.

The Far Cry games, as a result of the recorded scenery of their new development. Don’t have any immense regular record segments. Anyway, rather share a subject of setting a significant part in a wild circumstance. Moreover, where they should help fight against in any event one dictators. That, control the locale similarly as getting by against wild animals that meander the open spaces. The Far Cry games feature an incredible single-player campaign with later titles offering co-employable strategies. The games similarly offer genuine multiplayer options. And the limit with respect to customers to modify the games’ aides for these matches.

Ubisoft reports that through 2014, lifetime arrangements of the Far Cry foundation has outperformed 20 million units.

Far Cry 1 sold 730,000 units inside four months of delivery. This video game’s story follows an ex-Special Forces administrator whose name is Jack Carver. And who is abandoned on a secretive archipelago in Micronesia? So, he is looking for a female writer he was accompanying. After she disappeared when their boat was attacked obliterated by the hired fighters.

Game Caste:

The developer of download far cry full version for pc

is Crytek. The publisher of this video game is Ubisoft. Whereas, Cevat Yerli is the director of this game. And Chris Natsuume, Jack Mamais, and Richard Tsao are the producers of Far Cry 1. The programmers of this game are Cevat Yerli and Marco Corbetta. The artists in this game are Michael Khaimzon, Raymond Leung, and Max Aristov. Alexis Nolent is the writer of Far Cry 1. The composer of this first-person game is Thomas Baertschi who is a great composer.

This far cry series was initially released for Microsoft Windows. But, later this video game was also released for Playstation 3 (PS3) and Xbox 360.


The genre of Far Cry 1 is a First-person shooter.

Far Cry offers two playing modes: Single-player and Multi-player.


Far Cry Gameplay:

The tropical downpour backcountry gives spread and spread, of which the player and foes can abuse. Foes respond successfully to the player’s approaches and activities. On the off chance that a particularly utilized contender perceives a player. He in some cases runs for help, hailing fortifications using flare guns.

Foes will work together to outsmart, defeat, encompass and give suppressive fire. Hence, giving them a key ideal circumstance over the player. Who, thusly, can spot and etching adversaries on their minimap using stand-out optics. Which in addition award players the capacity to look at foe discussions from afar detachment. Basically, by directing the optics to the enemies. Later in the knowledge, thermo optics can be utilized to find the sparkle indications of adversaries. That would be generally made sure about by foliage or fogginess.

The open map in this game permits the player to finish their complaints in a few novel inclinations. Precisely when outside, the player is usually given a really basic arrangement of likely courses to their target. Yet, these for the most part ought not to be utilized. The wild of the world will when in doubt spread out all finished. These permit players to accomplish various plots for attacks, or even completely avoid adversaries. In any scenario, during the indoor zones of the game. The level structure will all things considered lose this trademark for a more normal, straight advancing correspondence.


Far Cry System Requirements


Minimum System Requirements

Processor/Central Processing Unit (CPU): Pentium 3 or Athlon

Processor/Central Processing Unit (CPU)  SPEED: 1 GHz

Memory/RAM: 256 MB

Windows Operating System: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP (95 & NT not supported)

Required Graphics Card/GPU: DirectX 9.0b compatible video card with 64 MB RAM (GeForce2+ / Radeon 8500+)

HDD / SDD: 4 GB available disk space

Recommended System Requirements

Processor/Central Processing Unit (CPU): Pentium 4 or Athlon XP

Processor/Central Processing Unit (CPU) SPEED: 2 GHz

Memory / RAM: 512 MB

Windows Operating System: Windows XP

Recommended Graphic Card/GPU: DirectX 9.0 compliant video card with 64 MB RAM (GeForce FX+ / Radeon 9500+)

HDD / SDD: 4 GB available disk space

Game Screenshots:

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