Fortnite Game has Bad News For You About the cars. Ready For It.

There is still hope that after a few weeks Fortnite’s cars back to the road, but I Think Epic needs a long break to inspect the cars. As Epic Said on Twitter

As we know “HOPE MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND”, So, there is still hope that the cars are arrived soon in Fortnite this week back to the road. As Epic said on Twitter that It will be a few weeks before the cars come into game. Expecting the cars to arrive on July 21, thanks to the Data Miner HypeX, it didn’t work out, but with this week’s challenges filling up, it looks like they will arrive this week. Sorry, that is not the case.

There is no further information on when the vehicles will be available in Fortnite, but it is not surprising that the epic is taking its time: both shopping carts and hamster balls when rolled off due to bugs. Had to be temporarily inactive, and the match was ready. A habit breaks unintentionally, which is actually very funny. (Maybe not so much if you’re in it at the moment.) I imagine the developers will stop this kind of nonsense this time.

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