Top Action Games in 2020

Top 10 Best Action Games in 2020


Most playable and favourite games are action games. Basically, the action game is the genre of video games. The action game brings attention to physical challenges include eye coordination and reaction time. People love to play action games because it relaxes them and boost their excitement. The daily boring 9-5 job and business life of people and other social problems will tire them. So, their mind needs some relaxation and enjoyment. The best method to do this is by playing video games. When they spending their time playing video games, some of them feel they living their best life and some of them relax their mind when they enjoying high-octane excitement.

In action games, the player controls the leading man, protagonist, or avatar. The player navigates the level by collecting objects and destroying the obstacles, battling with enemies with their own natural skills and destroy them by using it. The player also uses different weapons to wreck his rivals. The rival will hurt the player by attacking obstacles to kill him. After the death of players the game is over or end of the game. In the end, each level player faces the boss of enemies and he has to destroy him. After losing some power or health the player gets a health object that boosts his energy. There are many more subcategories of action games like, shooting, fighting, beating up, and online multiplayer games. So, now we will be going to tell you about the top 10 most playable and high ranking action games.

  1. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag : 

Top Action Games in 2020

Assassin’s Creed IV is the action and adventure game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. This video game is directed by Jean Guesdon, Ashraf Ismail, and Damien Kieken. It is the sixth major installment of the assassin’s creed series. Black Flag is firstly released in Play Station 3 and Xbox 360. After the one month, it released in Play Station 4, Xbox One, and PC/ Microsoft Windows.

The game is based on fictional history, real-world events, and struggling of centuries of Assassin’s who fight for peace and Templars, who desires peace for control. The story is based on 21th Century and describes the player as Abstergo agent. But the main story frame is based on the 18th-century Caribbean during the Golden Age Piracy and follows scandalous Welsh pirate Edward Kenway, grandfather and the father of Assassin’s Creed III. The game is set in an open world environment and played from a third-person perspective. The game is based on three main cities Havana, Kingston, and Nassau which reside under the British, Spanish, and Pirate influence. The player can explore the map end-to-end, and get plenty of opportunities to become the pirate of your dream. The players encounter jungles, villages, and fort.

The world allows the player to built much more freedom such as swimming nearby beaches in a seamless fashion and allow the player to engage board and capture passing ships. Moreover, the game allows the player to hunt on land and fish in water and using resources to upgrade the pieces of equipment. Be the dirtiest pirate or rascal you can possibly, Fight sea battles, hanging animals, and more as you want. But what more could you want?

  1. Batman: Arkham Asylum:

Top Action Games in 2020

Batman Arkham Asylum is the best action and adventure game released in 2009. The game is directed by Sefton Hill, developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Eidos Interactive in conjunction with Warner Bros. The game is based on DC comic’s superhero Batman. Arkham Asylum was inspired by a running comic book mythos. The game main storyline is based on Batman Battle, his archenemy joker who triggers off and wants to take hold of Arkham Asylum and trap Batman with many of his incarcerated foes. Moreover, he also terrorizes the fictional Gotham city with hidden bombs.

The game is represented as the third-person perspective with a focus on Batman’s combat and stealth abilities. His detective skills and rare gadgets are helpful in combat to beat up his foes and exploration. Batman can freely move in and around the Arkham Asylum facility. The game allows the player to interact with new characters and undertaking missions. At the end of each mission, the player able to unlock new areas and get the latest equipment. Jumping into the cape and cowl of the dark knight the game allows you to do this by just drag and cat-mouse game with the joker. You can use Batmobile to reach your destination or travels towards your enemies. You can also use his grabble gun to move around the top of the town buildings and jump on bad guys. Just like being a batman.

Batman Arkham Asylum gets the 4 awards in 2009 and 2010:

  1. Best Action game Award BAFTA in 2010.
  2. VGX Award for Studio of the Year in 2009.
  3. BAFTA Games Award for gameplay in 2010.
  4. IGN select award for best newcomer in 2009.
  5. Devil May Cry 3:

Top Action Games in 2020

When we discussing action genre games and forget about DMC 3 How it is possible? If you love to play action games then its no matter the game is little much horror. If you like to be a hero and kill the demons or the gods of darkness then Devil May Cry is the best action game for you. The gameplay is consists of missions and levels, in which the player Dante kills the demons or enemies to complete his mission. Moreover, battle with enemies or demons, solve the puzzles to improve the progress of the game, and through the story.

The player progress is count in grades after complete each mission or level. The grades starting from D through C, B, and A, with top marks S and SS. The grades are based on the time taken by a player to complete a mission or puzzle. This game tracks stylish combat with an on-screen gauge which shows the performance of the series of combat while avoiding damage. As long as the player attacks on his enemies without repetition or dodge the enemies attack or damage the higher scores he gets. If the player is loose to dodge the enemy’s attack then the score and rating falling down accordingly as shown on the gauge. The gauge showing the attacks on-screen and rating as “Crazy”, “Blast”, “Sweet”, “SShowtime” and its peak “SSStylish”. The Devil May Cry is released in 2005 for PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, and Windows.

The game is published and developed by Capcoms. The game gets fame because of its smooth gameplay, the combination of combats and player stylish performance, and fighting.

  1. God Of  War (2018):

God Of War as the name to mention that the fighting with Gods. In the list of best action games, the God of War has 4th number. And no doubt, it is. Its not just an action game it includes many other game genres like adventure, fighting, hack, and slash. The game is also nominated for the best action game for Play Station 4 in 2018. The player controls the character Kratos in combo-based combat and puzzle elements. People who love survival weapons in games should play this game. The major change in this game is Kratos no longer uses his double-chained weapon and default weapon. The most excitement is to play this game is his recalled Axe. In this part, Kratos gets a magical weapon or battle Axe named Leviathan Axe.

The Leviathan Axe is infusing with a magical ice element. When the ax is thrown toward enemies it returns back toward in Krato’s hand. The weapon can also be thrown at environmental objects to trigger a damaging explosion. In Addition, it can freeze the objects and enemies in place for puzzle solving until the ax summoned back to Kratos. The Axe has standard light and heavy attacks/ Over time as the mission is complete or Kratos kills his enemies and Gods the weapon is upgraded from time to time. The game is difficult to play, obviously, you fighting with Gods, not an ordinary man. Every enemy had specific nuances to their design if you find these nuances it would either make them much easier to fight or provide Kratos with some sort of utility.

GOD OF WAR is a total package with a great story, amazing combat, that wraps up a trilogy, amazing music, and one of the most attractive and visually impressive game.

  1. Far Cry 3:

Far Cry 3 is an action game and also a shooting game and an adventure game.  Game is a first-person shooting game set on fictional Rook island, a baking hot archipelago controlled by bandits and pirates. The player Jason Brody can approach a large variety of missions and objectives in a variety of ways. You can kill your enemies by firearms such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, rocket launchers and explosives like land mines and grenades. Moreover, the player can utilize stealth to avoid the attention of enemies. The stealth can be approached by using silence combat weapons such as knives. These silence weapons help to prevent from the enemies to trigger alarms. As much as you gain experience by killing enemies and completing missions the game skills increasing accordingly. There are three skills tree unlock named Spider, the Heron, and the Shark.

Each skill tress upgrades different aspects of Jason Brody’s abilities. As skills collected the tribal tattoo on Jason’s forearms grows correspondingly.

  1. Marvel’s Spiderman:

Spiderman is one of the best action games on gaming consoles. Every man is a fan of Spiderman’s game and also his movies. Everyone likes watching and play superhero movies and games. Whenever the NewYork city is in trouble everyone calls a younger Spidey to battle with his enemies and save the city. This third-person adventure game is all about following Spidey through a unique adventure unique to Play Station 4. The Spiderman can navigate the world by jumping, using his web-shooters to fire the web. These web-shooters allow him to swing between the buildings, running along walls and automatically jump over the obstacles. With the help of web aims, the player can easily pull himself towards a specific point. To attach webs to swinging physical objects are required.

To control the momentum and speed of the swing is by releasing the web at a certain point to gain height and move more quickly. Combat package is controlled by three buttons one for dodge, one for the physical strike, and one for web shots. The jumping, swinging, and powerful physical strikes more excite the player.

  1. Resident Evil 4:

If you want to be entertained by the double genre game by playing one game then Resident Evil 4 is the best choice for you. Resident Evil 4 is the best action and horror game you ever play. In this game, you will face zombies and giant monsters. The game provides enough aims to kill giant monsters and other zombies. It is the first shooter game and you have to work with the team to take down these giant monsters.  This makes the whole experience a much more panic struggle for survival than in previous Resident Evil games, and the balance between horror and action makes it one of the most fondly remembered entries in the series.

  1. Devil May Cry 5 (DMC 5):

After Devil May Cry 3 now its time for Devil May Cry 5. In the list of top action games, this game is able to take place his name on this list again. People love to play this game. DMC getting back to action with Dante and Nero is tremendous. The developers add a newcomer “V” like pokemon a unique style to play the game. Moreover, you have got one more interesting hack-and-slash games in recent memory. The combination of combat is addictive and the characters are loveable. Nero feels complete in DMC 5 after leaving in DMC 4 now he returns with the addition of his Devil Breakers that make him worthy to share the spot with Dante.

  1. Red Dead Redemption 2:

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the best action video game with the Western theme. In Addition, it wins the award “The Game Award For The Best Performance.” Ameria, 1899, The end of the Wild West era has begun and the turn of the twentieth century. The game has both features single-player or online multiplayer component. Most of the game part player controls outlaw Arthur Morgan a member of Van der Linde Gang, as he completes a lof of missions to progress the storyline. Outside the mission, the player can roam the character in the entire interactive world as he wants. The player can engage in combat with enemies using melee attacks, firearms, throwables, explosives. Moreover, as the player successful to complete his missions, his combat level, skills and weapons upgraded. Unlike the previous game, the character is granted the ability to swim.

  1. Max Payne:

Max Payne is a fully-loaded action game. The whole story of this game is based on revenge. The game about a former NYPD officer and DEA agent who comes home and found his wife and child dead. His family is brutally killed. He’s got the unravel mystery to find behind the awful people who shot his wife and child. The game is credited for his slow-motion action during firing his enemies. Moreover, it’s an exciting thrill ride with neo-noir sensibilities you won’t want to miss.

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