PUBG Mobile Lite Update 5 Amazing Feature

PUBG Mobile Lite Update 5 Amazing Features:

The time, when the gamers excite, is the time of the update. No just gamers even mobile and PC application lovers also excited when the time of update is coming. Because every update brings a lot of features, like attractive user-interface, improvement in commands, improvement in speed, application optimization, adding new features, and more. Just like that games also brings some amazing features that excite their players or users. So, in this case, this time PUBG Mobile Lite offers an update and brings a lot of great features. So, we discussed it here, stay with us.

PUBG Mobile Lite has released now its latest version 0.18.0 to the global servers. To update your game you just go to the app store and just click on download if you still don’t install or just click on update if you already have. Just Like other apps and games PUBG Mobile Lite also comes with some amazing features. After our research, we discovered five amazing features that PUBG Mobile Lite brings with it. So, let’s start.

1. TDM (Team Death Match) Ruins:

PUBG Mobile Lite Update TDM

Want to improve gaming skills, dodge skills, train your player, and increase your level for future battling? Then don’t be worry, because PUBG Mobile Lite 0.18.0 update has all these features. In the latest update of PUBG Mobile Lite introduce the new map of TDM (Team Death Match) called Ruins. This map especially designs for improving player gaming skills, training, and increase the level of player for future battles to perform his best. Furthermore, a slide feature that has been added in TDM mode is that now it’s easier for the player to dodge enemy bullets.

2. User-Interface and Lobby:

PUBG Mobile Lite Update Lobby

The first thing that I personally love before playing the game is the User Interface of the game. I love the game that has an attractive display, colors, icons, avatars, and more. But some games have not a good user interface when they newly released, but best in playing. So, what we demand are their updates. It is compulsory for developers that when they update the version of the game they should have to improve the interface.

At all, I’m really excited when I saw the notification of the PUBG Mobile LITE update. So, finally, when I install the update my excitement becomes higher and higher, andy happy to see the new update of PUBG Mobile Lite 0.18.0. Because in its latest update the user interface, the display becomes more attractive than the old one. The update has the feature of the PUBG Mobile Lite First Anniversary celebration. And for this, the developers added a new lobby theme based on this event. Furthermore, some new icons, avatars, improvements in graphics also included making the overall look better.

3. Exclusive P90 SMG:

PUBG Mobile Lite Update P90 SMG

Killing the enemy with the usage of a few bullets every player dream. So, don’t worry if you have latest update of PUBG Mobile Lite. Because its latest update will provide the new weapons with more bullets and more destruction of enemies. A P90 SMG PUBG Mobile Lite will also arrive in the 0.18.0 update, and the gunfire rate and the damage is very high. The P90 uses 9mm ammunition and is set to become the best weapon in the closest range in the game. It can have a maximum of 50 bullets per round, which will help in the easy elimination of enemy troops.

4. Ruins Feature and Cable Car:

PUBG Mobile Lite Update Cable Car

I hate to walk, to run when I need to go somewhere in the game. Picking up the vehicle to go somewhere in the game is one of the best features which I like in PUBG Mobile Lite. And It’s amazing when you also don’t need to drive a car, bike and other vehicles. What you have to do is just sitting or standing on the vehicle and it will transfer you to your destination sounds good?.

The same feature is coming with the new update of PUBG Mobile Lite is Cable Car. By using the cable car player can easily travel from place to another. Players come and enjoy a new place called Ruins. Has also been added.

5. Gift Feature:

The fifth and the last feature of the PUBG Mobile Lite 0.18.0 update is the popularity or gift feature. In this feature, players can send daily gifts or promotions to their friends and/or other players. This will help them to gain a good reputation in the society.

So, what else you want? Just go to your app store and download or update your PUBG Mobile Lite, play and enjoy.

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