Best Mechanical Keyboard For Gaming in 2020
Best Mechanical Keyboard For Gaming in 2020

The keyboard is an important asset for your PC. We use it in our daily life rather we are an employee sitting on his office chair in front of his PC or we are a gamer. Choosing the right keyboard for your PC will improve your performance, typing performance, typing speed, and other productivity. The gaming keyboard can make a big difference not just when you shooting your enemies online. It also makes a difference in office and daily life productivity. The reason behind the improvement in productivity is keyboard because daily use office keyboard are not enough comfortable and durable. The gaming keyboard might be expensive but these are best in quality and performance and also comfortable. Believe us or not it’s your choice, but choosing the top-notch keyboard for gaming will actually enhance your gaming experience not just for fancy RGB lights.

Moreover, they also improve your gaming skills and improvement. The default keyboard just helping to do your job, but there is always something missing in them. So, picking up the right best gaming keyboard for gaming alongside with the best gaming mouse really matters. Because it is one of the key ways that you interact with your gaming PC, furthermore, it enhances your gaming experience. So, it makes sense to choose the best keyboard for gaming is robust, responsive, and comfortable. Whether you’re following a fast-paced game for high-speed sports, or want to enjoy typing a little more. This guide will help you find what you need. There are many crossovers on this list with the best mechanical keyboards. But we also respect and care about the low budget gamers. So, for them, we also include the low budget but still best and high in quality variants keyboard.

Mechanical Keyboard:

Before we talk about the best mechanical gaming keyboard most people even don’t know what is a mechanical keyboard? So, first, I like to tell you about the mechanical keyboard.

A Mechanical Keyboard is a type of keyboard that is made of high-quality plastic and key switches underneath every keycap.

On the other side, the default keyboard uses silicon and rubber underneath the keycap.

Switch type is the most important choice when choosing your new gaming keyboard. Cherry switches are the most common and most recognizable, but there are many alternative switches, as well as a group of upper market segments to choose from. Check out our guide for different mechanical switch types for the complete house.

Other features you’ll want to consider include dedicated media controls, macro keys, and a US keyboard of your choice. And of course, size is something else you should consider. Full-size keyboards offer the most features and a nifty, but if you don’t have the spare real estate to have a house on your desk, any extra payments you make will be wasted. Tankless (not number pads) and compact keyboards can also be an option, especially if you don’t care about all the extra hours and whistles or the LED code (how brutal!).

Below is a list of the best gaming keyboard choices and where to look for them. Alternatively, if you can’t justify the price of one of these, the best cheap gaming keyboards can add even more flavor to your wallet.

Best Gaming Keyboard 2020:

1. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum:

Corsair K95 RGB Platinium Best Gaming Keyboard

|Switch: Cherry MX Speed, Brown | Size: Full size | Backlights: RGB | Passthroughs: USB | Media Controls: Dedicated | Wristrest: Detachable|

It’s hard to find the perfect mechanical gaming keyboard than Corsair K95 RGB Platinum. Be warned though, this is a big keyboard: it needs to clear some desks for very large maps even before it can comfortably nest. But by the way, the K95 Platinum got it all. Dedicated media controls and USB pass-through, a metal volume wheel, RGB lighting. There’s even an extra set of textured caps for the WASD keys. Although it is expensive, it is clear that for your money here and in 2019, and in 2020, the price of K95 is constantly declining.

We also love its detachable wrist rest, which makes things extremely comfortable for long gaming sessions (and this keyboard is really great for long term strategy and MMO sessions). The rubberized wrist pad is magnetically attached and has two contrasting textures: a smooth side and a rough side. Changing sides is as easy as slipping on it, and the extra comfort it brings is extraordinary.

During our tests, we noticed excellent key answers, a good spread of mostly hand-sized keys, satisfactory clicks for each press, and surprisingly dimpled keys when you’re not really pressing. If so, it will help you to relax your fingers. While all of this is obvious, it does show that the K95 adds the basics, as well as the fancy extras, and that’s why it’s at the top of the list.

  • Superb build quality
  • Extra set of keycaps
  • Great media and shortcut keys

2. HyperX Alloy Elite RGB:

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Best Gaming Keyboard

|Switch: Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Red | Size: Full size | Backlights: Red | Passthroughs: USB | Media Controls: Dedicated | Wristrest: Detachable|

If you are finding a gaming keyboard with extra flash and extremely high features than HyperX Alloy Elite RGB is the best choice for you. For a keyboard that shines in 16.9 million colors, the HyperX Alloy Elite offers a relatively simple aesthetic game, while we still pack the features we don’t expect from a standard gaming keyboard. It comes in your choice of Cherry MX Brown, Blue, and Red. What it lacks is a dedicated macro column that is made with its reasonable price and quality, durable design.

The HyperX Alloy Elite RGB does not check any feature boxes. It is dedicated to media control, equipped with a USB password, a handy craft wrist-comfort, and full RGB backlighting. To enhance its aesthetics, it includes an extra set of silver caps for WASD and the first four numbered keys. The board supports a full NK rollover, which means you never have to worry about entering key presses.

Although there is a standard variant of the Alloy Elite available that lacks RGB, the disappointment in the price of this model has brought them closer.

  • Great feature set
  • Relatively affordable
  • Excellent range of Cherry MX switches

3. Razer Cynosa Chroma:

Razer Cynosa Chroma Keyboard

|Interface: Wired USB | Keyboard backlighting: Per-key RGB | Programmable keys: All | Features: Per key RGB lighting, supports Windows 7+ and OSX 10.8+|

If even the matching membrane keys don’t suit you and you demand a full membrane typing/gaming experience, Cynosa is the best for you. I know there are a lot of people out there who prefer the soft neck of a pure membrane switch. Each on its own and everything.

The Cynosa has some of the best feels, low profile membrane keys I’ve ever experienced. Moreover, it is one of the cheapest gaming keyboards out there at a retail price of $ 60 (a certain range of quality). Although it lacks some of the features of many gaming boards today, such as wrist rests or media controls, it boasts of Roger’s extensive RGB lighting, which can be programmed on a per-key basis or by zone. Source it can be applied.

It’s a solid, nuanced, good-looking keyboard with a great range of great membrane options I’ve tried. A step-up version of the Cynosa is available here. But for only $20 extra is less than the real extra RGB. So, as long as such a ‘ground effects’ package doesn’t appeal to you massively. I personally suggest Let’s save your money and invest in the base model.

  • Best feeling membrane keys available
  • Affordable
  • Per key RGB lighting

4. Logitech K840:

Logitech K840 Best Gaming Keyboard

|Switch: Logitech Romer-G | Size: Full size | Backlights: No | Passthroughs: No | Media Controls: Function key integrated | Wristrest: No|

Finding the best gaming keyboard within your budget limit is a difficult task, but thanks to Logitech K840. Logitech’s proprietary Romer-G switch is where the magic lies. Developed in partnership with the Japanese Switch Giant Elderly, it was traditionally reserved for high-end logistics boards. Now, they have been introduced for the first time in a budget-friendly K840.

Since you’re scoring the Romer-G Switch at such a low price point, you won’t find any extra comforts on the K840. Never mind passing through a dedicated macro and USB, even with no backlighting, but it still shakes the serious aesthetics of Logitech by releasing more light beans. However, keycaps are a problem, with cheap, delicate pad printed letters that wear out over time.

  • Actually looks good for a budget keyboard
  • The durable aluminum front plate

5. Asus ROG Strix Scope:

Asus ROG Strix Scope Gaming Keyboard

|Switch: Cherry MX RGB Blue, Brown, Red, Black, Silent Red, Speed Silver | Size: Full size | Backlights: RGB | Passthroughs: No | Media Controls: No | Wristrest: No|

The gamers who love to play FPS games want a keyboard that is good for them in playing FPS games. So, now they don’t need to worry more, here is the solution to their problem. The Asus ROG Strix Scope is the best gaming keyboard for FPS games. Asus’s ROG Strix is a keyboard designed for more than just work. Although decorated with specific rows of RGB lighting, the solid aluminum top plate plays an important, industrial design that is welcomed in an age where flash and spectacle are often preferred. The scope is a solid, durable, reliable keyboard that works just as well without unnecessary tricks. And with a wide range of Cherry RGB switches, you can find scope in virtually any taste.

It also has some quality of life features that appeal to fans of first-person shooters, as the name suggests. Full macro customization is available, and the left-hand CTRL key has been expanded to be accidentally hit during a tough fight without having to run other keys. The maximum compact form factor of the scope also means that it (and most of the other lower row keys in FPS) is really easy to reach and break when you need to.

  • Understated focus on functionality
  • Wide Ctrl button
  • Full RGB lighting

The above is the list of top 5 best mechanical gaming keyboard for your pc. There is a lot of best gaming keyboard but they are high in the budget. So, these are the best gaming keyboard we tested, they are reliable, durable, and best in performance, and the more important they are less expensive but high in performance. That’s why we suggest what we test. So, if you have any recommendations for us or you test better then that keyboards kindly suggest to us in the comment.

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