Top 5 Best SSD For Gaming in 2020

Top 5 Best SSD For Gaming: The Fastest SSD For Your PC in 2020

Top 5 Best SSD For Gaming in 2020

Picking up the best hard drive for your gaming PC is an essential part of any high-end gaming PC build. SSD is a type of hard drive where you can store and transfer data with high speed. SSD stands for Solid State Drive. So, now SSD is a crucial part of building a high-end gaming PC. Moreover, nowadays the gaming industry rising so fast. The latest game size gets bigger and bigger with longer load time, so, its time to ditch your old hard drive.

If we talk about the prices there is not a big difference between the old ageing hard drive SATA based and the best SSD like NVMe. A lot of best SSD for gaming PC is based on PCIe 3.0 interface. But we see more PCIe 4.0 slides drive into the market. SATA theoretical performance speed is 600MB/s where PCIe 3.0 is 4000MB/s, and PCIe 4.0 SSD double to 3.0 is 8000MB/s. The top current speed record available in Gen4 drives is roundabout 5000MB/s, but that is still quicker than PCIe 3.0 SSD.

The best gaming SSD will not only improve your gaming performance but also improve the performance of the entire PC. Installing the good gaming SSD with the best graphics cards and the best gaming CPU will turn your performance responsive and fast. Especially when you install windows on it. So, after a lot of research on the best SSD for gaming, we create a list of SSD for you. So, let’s begin here is the list of best SSD for your gaming PC.



ADDLINK S70 1TB is the best SSD for gaming for your PC. You can get this amazing and fastest SDD for the same price as the price of Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500 GB with twice in size and also with a 5-year warranty. Furthermore, the performance of Samsung 970 EVO Plus and ADDLINK S70 makes no difference. Maybe you guys question us to recommending the M.2 SSD company which you never heard about it. These aren’t some bargain-basement bits ADDLINK has picked for its S70 drive, we’re talking some of the latest 64-layer 3D TLC NAND from Toshiba, SK Hynix cache, and the excellent Phison PS5012-E12 memory controller looking after it all. But At the end, ADDLINK has no competitor and us PC gamers are the winners.


Tick Half the price of the competition
Tick Moreover, With Excellent components
Tick In Addition, Super quick

ADDLINK S70 1TB specs
Seq. read/write 3,400MBps/3,000MBps
Memory Toshiba 64-layer 30 TLC
Socket M.2 (NVMe)
Capacity 256GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB
Controller Phison PS5012-E12

2. Samsung 970 Pro 1TB:

Samsung 970 Pro 1TB Best SSD For Gaming PC

The best NVMe SSD for gaming is the Samsung 970 Pro 1TB. After the research about the SSD or NVMe SSD, we think that we have to talk about at least one Samsung 970 Pro 1TB. The reason behind this to talk about just one version of SSD is that the Samsung 970 EVO provides the same benchmarks as Samsung 970 Pro 1TB but expensive, then why we should spend extra budget on it. According to most of the users, there is little need for Pro Level SSD. But according to our research if you want a perfect fastest solid-state drive then 970 Pro is one to go for it. We know that Samsung 970 Pro is slightly less read/write speed than 970 EVO, but Samsung 970 Pro remain more active.

Now let’s talk about the warranties of the both best SSD, in the case of warranties both SSD have the same warranties is 5-years. However, the pro level has a fortitude rating of 1200 TB, while the 1TB Evo has 600TB and 500GB has 300TB. If you are running a serious workhorse on a machine that constantly has a large amount of data attached to it. Then you may want to choose the 970 Pro’s lock-in reliability.


Tick Continuous speed under load
Tick Additionally, It is Best-in-class read/write performance
Tick Furthermore, It’s Impressive endurance

Samsung 970 Pro 1TB specs
Controller Samsung Phoenix
Memory Samsung 2-bit MLC
Socket M.2 (NVMe)
Capacity 512GB, 1TB
Seq. read/write 3,500MBps/2,700MBps

3. ADDLINK S70 512GB:

ADDLINK S70 512GB Best SSD for 2020

If we talk about the best SSD for gaming PC then ADDLINK never steps back to take his place in the list of best SSD we made. For that, now we have an opportunity to test out the freakiness of affordable 512 GB of S70. Furthermore, it goes down in the list of cheap SSD for PC. In Addition, ADDLINK S70 512 GB uses the same Toshiba 3D TLC NAND and Phison PS5012-E12 memory controller as the 1TB version. But the version we’ve got is sporting Nanya DRAM cache as opposed to the SK Hynix memory the 1TB drive uses.

Moreover, it also a little bit different from PCB. But when it comes to performance is still excellent. Additionally, thanks to its x4 PCIe connection which is able to easily compete.


Tick Full x4 PCIe 3 interface
Tick Stunning price/performance
Tick 600TBW endurance

Addlink S70 512GB specs
Controller Phison PS5012-E12
Memory Toshiba 64-layer 3D TLC
Socket M.2 (NVMe)
Capacity 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB
Seq. read/write 3,400MBps/2,000MBps

4. Crucial MAX500 500GB:

Crucial MAX500 500GB Best SSD for gaming

After talking about the best SSDs for gaming PC that is a little bit expensive for our audience. Now let’s talk about the cheap SSD for gaming PC but better in performance. If we call the name of a cheap SSD that is also good in performance than Crucial MAX500 500GB is the right one. Where ADDLINK and SAMSUNG currently rule on the best SSD for PC at the top of the tech tree, Crucial is come to give them little bit headache and compete them on a price basis.

Crucial MAX500 is cheaper than the list we show you the best and the fastest Solid-State Drives. Choosing the best SSD for your gaming PC within the limit of your budget is everyone’s dream. For that now your dream going to true. Now it is possible to get the Cheap SSD for your PC and better in performance. Micro Parent company introduce the CRUCIAL MAX500 500GB SSD using its high-quality memory for the great price. The MX500 eliminates the seriously competing 860 EVO and is able to offer almost identical performance to the SSD. It’s not strictly the cheapest SSD, but it’s the cheapest equipment we can recommend as a valuable, standard purchase.


Tick Competitive price
Tick Furthermore, top read/write performance for SATA
Tick Moreover, Good endurance

Crucial MX500 500GB specs
Controller SiliconMotion SM2258
Memory Micron 64-layer 3D TLC
Socket SATA (AHCI)
Capacity 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB
Seq. read/write 560MBps/510MBps

5. Samsung 970 EVO PLUS 500 GB:

Samsung 970 EVO PLUS 500 GB For Gaming PC

I know what you guys think- You think that another Samsung SSD? Or you probably think that maybe it’s a new generation of Samsung. But maybe you shock to listen that it’s not a new generation of SSD. But it is the drive which likely marks the last PCIe 3.0 version, before that we move all onto the higher-spec PCIe 4.0 drives introduced with AMD’s 3rd Gen Ryzen in the summer. Furthermore, thanks to its cheap price in cheap memory list. Moreover, When the new 970 EVO PLUS has launched the price is half of the price of 970 EVO and it looks trend to comes.

In Addition, you have the fastest SSD, in which especially write performance enabled by the enhanced Phoenix Controller. Moreover, you can get this at least price the same as the replaced drive.


Tick Same price as 970 EVO
Tick Moreover, Higher performance
Tick In Addition, Improved endurance

Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB specs
Controller Samsung Phoenix
Memory Samsung 3-bit MLC
Socket M.2 (NVMe)
Capacity 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB
Seq. read/write 3,500MBps/3,300MBps

At Last:

The above is the list of best SSD for gaming PC. Moreover, these are the cheapest SSD on their own place. Furthermore, these are the best in their performance. According to our research, we provide the best information to you, if you guys have more to tell or suggest us then comment us.

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