Top 5 Best Strategy Games For PC OF All Time [2020]

Top 5 Best Strategy Games For PC OF All Time [2020]

Top 5 Best Strategy Games For PC OF All Time [2020]

A strategy game or a strategic game is the part of the video game genre. This genre will help you to improve your brain skills such as decision-making skills. In almost all strategy games, internal decision-making requires tree-style thinking and awareness of the situation in general. There is a lot of strategy games in the gaming industry that are helpful for your brain.

After a lot of research, we get top 5 strategy games that we recommend you to play. These best games will change your gaming life and also improve the brain skills that you will use in your daily life. These skills are decision-making skills or skills required in study, war, and sports. So, turn your boring summer into full of adventures in a strategic way to play games.

These are the list of the best strategy games that you should play.

  1. Total War: Three Kingdom:

Best Strategy Games For PC

Total War: Three Kingdom is known as the best strategy game in the gaming industry. The latest historical entry in this regard takes some approval from Warhammer, which you will find elsewhere in this list. And it gives us a growing Chinese civil war in its different roles and on the battlefield. Also works Each is part of a complex web of relationships that affects everything from diplomacy to combat performance. Furthermore, like their successor counterparts, they are all humane fighters.

It feels like a leap for the series. As Rome did earlier, with some fundamental changes to how diplomacy, trade and combat work. The fight against China is also a coercive campaign, a kind of movement that we have not seen in the war yesterday. Since its launch, it has also benefited from some great DLC, including a new format that introduces historical bookmarks that span various events from afar.

2. Crusader King 2:

Top 5 Best Strategy Games

Crusader King is a dynamic strategy game with a wide range of RPGs. This game earns a name in the gaming industry because of its unique storyline and its strategical moves improve the brain skills. It’s as much about who your ugly niece is marrying as it is about taking the army into battle. Every character is imitated, and everyone has goals and desires. It’s complicated – you can blame the feudal system for it – but on a personal level, it presents a clear and immediate drama. Its imitation puts you in frustrating situations and motivates you to do horrible things to maintain strength, such as killing your whipped child to make sure that when you pop your stuff. Be careful. Easily, the base game is completely free, but there are many spreads.

3. Total War: WARHAMMER II:

5 Best Strategy Games

This game shows that the games workshop fantasy universe was a perfect match for the massive battles of the creative assembly and the impressive detail. Total War: Warhammer 2 brings a lot of improvements, breaking down the heroes in the interface. Furthermore, the warring armies that bring the factions together. The four-game groups, Skaven, High Elves, Dark Elves and Lizard Man, are all significantly different from each other. And the old Warhammer takes a keen interest in the strange corners of imaginary concepts. If you’re looking for a point with CA’s Warhammer games, now it’s a get-win game. And even if you already own the best original, the Death Empires campaign combines both games into one big map.

4. Europa Universalis 4:

Top Best Strategy Games

The end of Paradox’s long-running, flagship strategy is the ultimate great strategy game. Which is hold you accountable to a nation since the late 1800s. As chief Honcho, you set your political strategy, intervene in its economy, command its armies and build an empire. This game also earns its place in the best strategy war games.

Going now, Europa Universal 4 lets you start changing history. England may have crushed France in a 100-year war and become a large-scale continental empire. Iroquois may have defeated European colonies, invaded the Old World by building ships. It’s huge, complex, and the huge costs of many years are still rising. Sometimes it can be hard to mimic someone’s head. But it’s worth diving into and just seeing where the L8 history takes you.

5. Age of Wonders: Planet Falls:

Top 5 Best Strategy Games

Choose a time of wonder and you really can’t go wrong, and if sci-fi isn’t your thing, try Age of Wonders 3, but it’s a time of wonder: the result of a planet that has made us all hot and upset. The moment has done. Set up a galaxy that is waking up after a long fall, you will have to enter a living world with many other important factions that recognize everything from the dinosaur rider Amazon to the psychic worm. Taking advantage of the great changes in its structure and speed, building a material empire is a great improvement over its imaginary predecessors, but just as engagement is the best strategy games turn-based battle between highly customization units. Stick lasers on giant lizards, give everyone jet packs and nurture your heroes as if they were RPG protagonists. There is so much to do, and it’s all wonderful.

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